Mombasa Man Whose Manhood Was Chopped by Wife for Oversleeping Dies

March 8, 2017
Ms Angel Mutuku (Photo – Nation)

A Mombasa man whose external genitalia was severed by his wife has died.

Stephen Ochieng Oyuga died Tuesday morning after he was involved in an accident in Changamwe, Mombasa.

Mr Oyuga, a motorbike operator, is said to have hit a ditch along Port Reitz Road which is under construction and died on the spot.

His elder brother, Erick Omondi said Oyuga had wanted to relocate from Mombasa because of the publicity his case has attracted.

“He was still nursing his injuries when he met his death this morning. We had even agreed to withdraw the case because he was not comfortable with it as it had gone to the public,” said Mr Omondi as quoted by Nairobi News.

Mr Oyuga was assaulted by Angel Mutuku in Magongo area on February 16.

According to Changamwe police statement, trouble started at 5:30 am, when the wife slapped her husband in the back, accusing him of sleeping for too long.

The angry husband reiterated by slapping her back, for ‘waking him roughly’.

Ms Mutuku then went to the kitchen and came back with a small kitchen knife which she used to commit the deed. She then left the house for her place of work, leaving her husband writhing in pain.

The deceased’s wife had admitted in court having injured Oyuga’s manhood before later denying the charge.

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