Watch: Redfourth Chorus and State House Girls Choir Cover of Nyashinski’s ‘Mungu Pekee’

February 22, 2017

Redfourth Chorus is proud to introduce yet another subgroup Natena as they take the lead role in this amazing cover of ‘Mungu Pekee’ by Nyashinski featuring the evergreen Flo Mutia and the State House Girls Choir.

The Refourth Chorus cover of ‘Mungu Pekee’ by Nyashinski took time to be arranged by Filah -Philip Tuju due to its already elaborate harmonic elements.

Filah considers Nyashinski a notable vocalist and high-class harmony arranger.  The original production by Cedric Kadenyi, unlike other songs that Redfourth Chorus has covered already contained elements similar to what a Filah arrangement would sound like.

Filah invited his former students from UpperHill School Choir and Redfourth Chorus Mombasa members Natena to capture the unison sections of the lead vocal that needed an honest Swahili idiom.

He again invited his longtime musical mentee Flo to again help build a climax with the help of Redfourth Chorus Junior director Eddie Muziki.

The female background section is done by various Redfouth Chorus girls with the help of the talented State House Girls Choir.

Permission to cover the song was graciously given by Nyashinksi and his producer Cedo from Pacho Ent.

Watch below:

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