Popular Kenyan Celebrities Reveal Their Crushes, Willy Paul’s Will Shock You

February 13, 2017

The Pulse magazine recently conducted quick-fire interviews with some Kenyan celebrities about their celebrity crushes.

From comedian Chipukeezy, singers Amos and Josh, King Kaka, Jalang’o and Joe Muchiri, these personalities also revealed the ideal dates they would take their crushes.

It makes for an interesting read, especially from Willy Paul who has been accused of being a Diamond Platnumz wannabe. Apparently, he would introduce Zari to his mother should a chance appear.

Chipukeezy is smitten by Kubamba TV show host Joyce Omondi and Teen Republik host Tracy Wanjiru

“I liked and still like the beautiful Joyce Omondi and can offer anything just to take her out, only that she is now married.”

“Right now, I have a crush on the Teen Republik host Tracy Wanjiru. That girl is hot. Frankly, I can’t explain exactly what I feel for her or why I feel so. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Vivian has a thing for Redsan

“I have always wanted to work with Redsan or Busy Signal. I am crossing my fingers big time that we can get something going on this year.”

She added that for a romantic date, her dream date should fly her to Europe.

Sheila Kwamboka eying Lynxx from Nigeria

“I like…if not love… Lynxx from Nigeria. If I got a chance, I would take him to meet my parents.”


“My crush is Sanaipei Tande because of her voice and figure. Did you see her in Mfalme Wa Mapenzi? That was the day when this crush went to a whole new level and I must admit she comes across as very mature.”

Willy Paul wants Diamond’s Zari

“I have a big big crush on Zari. I would take her home to meet my mum given a chance.”

Amos and Josh

“My all-time crush has to be Mayonde. Have you heard her vocals? Then her attitude and beauty have a way with me. I love that she is confident in the things she does and that she does them well,” said Josh.

Amos: “My all-time crush would have to be Joey Muthengi. Her voice on radio used to send me chills and these days it’s even better because I get to watch her on television and at events. Overall she has an amazing personality and I love that about her.”

Weezdom dreaming of Grace Msalame

“For me, Grace Msalame is just the one, there are no two ways about it. I love her African curves and whenever she presents on television, there is this aura around her that simply takes me away. The fact that she has twins proves that she is a responsible lady which makes it even better. I can’t help thinking about her.”

Producer Cedo: “Given a chance, I would take my crush, Vanessa Mdee, out for an exciting experience like bike riding at the Hells Gate then we would engage on something else at night. This girl has the hottest look I know. She also has an awesome killer voice.”

Teen Republik’s Martin: “I know that Caroline Mutoko is like fine wine. I think she has been to all the fine places so I would like to take her to my old neighbourhood (Zimmerman) and visit a children’s home and introduce her to my boys as well.”

Kaka Sungura: “Passaris is a complete lady; gorgeous and focused. I respect her hustle. I would take her for a road trip to a destination of her choice…and that is just for the two of us. I imagine all that fantasy. Can you imagine a drive on this open roof car with the wind blowing her hair.”

Adelle Onyango: “I know J Something of Micasa is a really good chef so I would have him over and let him cook for me his signature meal.”

Joe Muchiri: “Eve D’Souza is one admirable lady. She has it all put together from having a great personality, a focus in life and a great career. She is also humble and given a chance I would offer her a deserved exotic holiday to the Greece”

Rapper Raj: “Victoria Kimani is sexy and she has a great attitude. I would take her to Kisii and treat her to a banana meal.”

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