Timmy T Dat Speaks Up on Relationship With Dela Maranga

January 18, 2017

The two music industry players are believed to be an item but neither has come out to deny nor confirm.

For weeks, the rumor mill has been working overdrive following the couple’s public displays of affection both off and on social media.

While many are convinced that the two might be the next celebrity couple in the country, skeptics think the singers are on a ploy to promote their upcoming song.

Speaking to Shopwbuzz about the relationship, the ‘Haitosi’ hitmaker was hesitant to talk but said: “We are good friends, she’s teaching me how to sing. Dela is talented and she knows stuff about keys and everything, so…”

Timmy’s revelations, however, are hard to believe after the couple was spotted on a date at Ebony Lounge last Wednesday.

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