This is the Nairobi Matatu Giving Out Free Soft Drinks to Passengers

January 27, 2017

The year is 2017 and for the first time in forever, there is a Nairobi matatu hospitable enough to give passengers free drinks.

The matatu, christened ‘Punisher’ is staying ahead of the cut-throat game that is Matatu culture by giving out free soda, water, and energy drinks to its passengers.

Punisher plies the Nairobi-Ngong route and recently earned the accolade of Nairobi’s hottest matatu in a survey conducted by a local daily.

According to one of its managers, Calvin Odhiambo, the free drinks are given four times every week.

“We are giving out the free drinks on every Tuesdays and Fridays for all passengers heading to Ngong from the City centre and this will continue just like it happens in flights,” said Calvin.

For the one of a kind hospitality to work, the owner has to cough up Sh 10,400 per week to keep the passenger’s coming back.

“We do this twice a day that is Sh5200, the second trip of the day and last one while heading to Ngong from the City centre around 5:30pm, this has made the matatu popular in the City because people from across Nairobi also hire it for private trips” added Calvin.

Punisher also boasts of being the first matatu to install a mini refrigerator that was initially meant for passengers to keep their drinks but is now used to keep and cool the free drinks.

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