The Crown Jewel: Drone Footage of SGR’s Mombasa West Station Under Construction

January 27, 2017

The Mombasa West Station will be the grandest of all stations currently under construction along the Standard Gauge Railway.

It’s the biggest and most breathtaking, and construction is at advanced stages. Construction cost breakdown per station is not available publicly, but this particular station is believed to be the most expensive.

The magnificent observation tower is complete, and we’re now counting down to a few months before the entire station is ready. With the speed of on going works, it is possible the station will be ready by the June 1 deadline.

This is how it’s supposed to look once complete.

And this is where we stand now. Perhaps it’s just me, but the actual tower looks way shorter.

And here’s a drone footage showing construction progress.

The other stations are also coming up well.

This is Kibwezi station. (Artist impression and actual construction).

And a drone footage of the Nairobi South Station.

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