Starehe Woman Bites Off Neighbor’s Ear for Fetching Water for her Husband

January 23, 2017
Esther Chao and Emily Atieno in court

A woman in Starehe estate, Nairobi bit off the ear of a neigbor after a bitter fight over a man. Emily Atieno, 29, allegedly bit the ear of her neighbour, Esther Chao, during the quarrel.

The two were arraigned in court last week.

The court heard that the two got into a fight after Atieno’s husband allegedly asked Esther, a neighbour, to help him fetch water from a nearby tap, at a fee.

Atieno who was not in the house when her husband paid Ms Chao Sh 100 for her services arrived hours later to find all her jerricans filled with water and sought ot find who had fetched the water.

An argument ensued after Atieno was told it was Chao.

The prosecution told the court that Atieno went to Chao’s house and asked her to take back her water, alleging that she could have poisoned it.

Chao is said to have complied and refunded the Sh100 she had been paid but a fight still broke out.

Chao told the court that Atieno bit off half her ear in addition to suffering injures to her stomach.

They were both set free on a Sh20,000 bond. The case will be mentioned on January 30.

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