Raw Video: Watch the Amphibious Jeep That Stunned Beachgoers in Mombasa Over Christmas

January 6, 2017

Over the festive period last month, holiday makers in Mombasa’s Jomo Kenyatta public beach were treated to a spectacle of an amphibious vehicle that had been cruising in the Indian Ocean.

No sooner had a video of the Jeep sailing in the ocean waters gone viral than the owner of the vehicle got in trouble with the Kenya Maritime Authority for flouting maritime laws.

The owner of the car, Simon Everett, presented himself before the police after he was alerted that detectives were looking for him.

In a letter to detectives, Everett said, “The vessel has been approved by the US Coastguard and is available for inspection at your convenience for compliance with Kenya regulations.

“Its for private use no more than 5NM from shore,” the letter reads in part.

The jeep which weighs about 1.5 tonnes and boasts cruising speeds of 64 kph on water is estimated to cost $259,900 (Sh26,641,569).

According to reports, influential Mombasa businessmen and politicians have contacted Everett in a bid to buy the vessel.

Watch the video below:

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