PHOTOS – Is This Kenya’s and Possibly the World’s Cheapest Wedding?

January 27, 2017

Since time immemorial we have been made to believe that a woman’s wedding day is her greatest fantasy. In fact, a recent study found that six out of ten single women have already planned their wedding. Emphasis on single!

That is not all! The poll further found that the average girl starts thinking about her wedding at age 13, and a quarter said it had been on their agenda since age six.

So, the next time you receive that text inviting you to someone’s wedding committee to raise hundreds of thousands or even millions, just remember that you’re making someone’s dream come true.

However, there are still women among us who are willing to sacrifice the extravagance of a big wedding for the sake of love whether by choice or circumstance.

Enter Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Mutura Wanjohi both natives of Nyahururu in Laikipia County. Mr Mutura and his bride, Ann Wambui, exchanged their vows on Sunday, January 22 in what is possibly the world’s cheapest wedding.

Pastor Jasper Ojwach of Community Christian Worship Centre in Kasarani, Nairobi officiated the union.

The pastor says the budget of the wedding was near zero shillings since the two only bought rings, and the church catered for the cost incurred to process their marriage certificate.

Photos shared on social media show the simplest of weddings – no wedding dress, no suits, and all that adds to the allure of a wedding.

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