Obama Out: The Best PHOTOS of Obama Presidency

January 20, 2017

Today we can call Obama president one last time. Technically he will still be known as President Obama, but we all know there’s a missing ‘retired’ or ‘former’.

8 years ago, Obama overcame all odds by beating John McCain to become the 44th president of the United States.

Over the years, he has achieved a lot for himself and his country. In 2009, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Throughout his presidency, there were many people who did not agree with him or like him, not because he was wrong, but because he was who he is. However, Obama maintained his cool for all those years, and is easily the ‘coolest’ president probably in American history.

Of course his exact opposite is taking over.

Now, throughout his presidency, chief White House Photographer Pete Souza took more than 2 million photos of Obama.

He made his choice of the ones he thought were the best.

Here they are.. 44 of them.

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July 29, 2009: President Barack Obama eats a nectarine following a town hall meeting at Kroger’s Supermarket in Bristol, Virginia.

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