New Music: King Kaka and RedFourth Choir in Deep Tribute Song ‘Senzenina’

January 4, 2017

A couple of days into the new and the Kenyan music industry has already been shaken up by the release of a big project between rapper King Kaka and Upperhill school choir, RedFourth Chorus.

As with most of RedFourth Choir releases, the new song titled ‘Senzenina’ is soulful and moving. It also brings out King Kaka’s powerful poetic side that first endeared him to his fans.

‘Senzenina’ is a beautiful tribute song to a lost loved one.

“Senzenina is a song about a departed Friend and by friend it can be anyone , Sister, Brother, Father , Mother. May We all find peace,” says King Kaka.

Listen to the audio below:



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