Drama as Watchman Denies Patients, Staff Entry into Health Centre Over Salary Arrears

January 12, 2017

A security guard at a health centre in Igembe South, Meru on Tuesday caused drama after he denied entry to patients and staff to demand his pay.

The man identified as Shadrack Kaberia lamented that the Antubochio health centre had not paid his salary for the last seven months.

“I have very pressing needs. My children have not been able to report to school due to lack of fees and that is why I will only allow resumption of services after all my dues are settled,” Kaberia said.

“Now it is as if I am neglecting my children yet it is not my fault. This is just too much and I am not willing to take it anymore,” he added.

Mr Kaberia said he decided to take action after nurses and doctors at the facility were paid their dues after they went on strike.

The dispensary chairman, Gregory Mwiti said the management was negotiating a way out of the crisis.

He added that they have been experiencing problems for some time now after the county government stopped supporting the facility.

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