RAW VIDEO: Daring Gang Steals Sh350,000 from MPesa Shop

June 14, 2016

rawTheft at MPesa shops is on the rise. Such outlets deal with ‘liquid’ money and are mostly unprotected, making them very attractive to robbers.
CCTV Cameras caught one of these robberies in Kinoo area. Gangsters entered the shop shortly before 10 pm, just as it was closing. One of the thugs brandishes a pistol ordering the attendant to open a small door leading inside. The visibly scared attendant lowers his head to protect himself but complied.
A guard who was standing outside notices the commotion and tries to lock the metal door from outside, but the thugs are too fast for him. Lucky for him, they did not harm him but only chased him away.
Still holding their firearms, the thugs embark on ransacking the premises, not leaving behind coins or unused airtime.
In under 3 minutes, the gang walked away with more than Sh350,000 and a mobile phone.
Here’s a news report by KTN.

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