POLL: 2 Supermarkets Destroyed.. Would You Consider Investing in Kisumu?

June 7, 2016

cord3Scenes of rioters in Kisumu looting Ukwala Supermarket after the 2007 elections are still fresh in our minds. Raila’s supporters helped themselves with anything they could find, from refrigerators to TVs, before setting the supermarket on fire.
Several other businesses were looted at the height of violence.
Yesterday, we almost saw a repeat of that.
Two supermarkets were attacked, reportedly because they have kikuyu ownership.
Naivas and Tumaini Supermarkets, which were already closed by the time the demos began, had their glass shattered and it goes without saying what would have followed had the police allowed the protesters to have their way.
This habit sends a very strong message to investors considering investing in the lakeside town.
If you were an investor, would you put you money in Kisumu?

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