Patriotic Man Causes Scene In Nairobi CBD With A Message Every Peace Loving Kenyan Needs To Read (PHOTOS)

June 9, 2016

A concerned Kenyan man caused a rare spectacle on Wednesday in Nairobi’s Central Business District in an effort to spread a message of peace.
The man whose identity is yet to be confirmed was spotted near the Kenya National Archives holding a placard with a strong message addressed to Kenyans
Ahead of the 2017 General Elections, there is an uncertain political unrest in the country, especially after the recent Anti-IEBC protests that threatened to divide the country along tribal lines.
The man’s message urges all Kenyans to protect our motherland Kenya by prayers and by living in peace, love and unity.
He urges citizens to not allow selfish and power-hungry individuals to divide Kenyans.
Another message on the placard reads in part, ‘Leadership is not about power, it is about true sacrifice and commitment for the service of others.’
Here are photos that were posted on social media by Joseph Mkenya Truest Irungu.

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