Must Watch: Mbuvi Restores the Kenyan Pride With New Inspirational Hit ‘It’s Our Season’ (VIDEO)

June 15, 2016

mbuvi1Celebrated gospel singer Mbuvi is back with a new jam dubbed ‘It’s Our Season.’
With political tensions rising every day as we head for the 2017 general elections, Mbuvi’s song is exactly what the doctor ordered. The song is a stark reminder of what a great country Kenya is.
Mbuvi had this to say about the hit:
“There is a lot to take pride in and truly thank God for creating us as Kenyans and giving us a diversity that is truly unique. In times as this, its an opportunity to reflect on the awesome blessings God has poured upon us as Kenyans. We are truly blessed and placed in such a critical place that opens up as a gateway of blessings and prosperity to our neighbors. We are also a springboard of a revival God has always wanted to birth from this awesome Motherland ours.
Let not the birth pangs of something great destruct you from the great purpose God has for this nation. Let us not be anxious…. let us not forget the simple things we learnt in nursery school like counting our blessings and naming them one by one. Lets not miss out on the great things God is doing for, through and to this Nation. Thats truly the purpose of this song… a simple prayer that really puts us back in the right perspective. Don’t miss out on a season of Greatness. This is truly the time.”
The song’s video captures some of Kenya’s most iconic and memorable moments, making it a must watch for every Kenyan.
Check it out below:

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