Kipchumba Murkomen Has a Brilliant Message for Moses Kuria, Waititu, Muthama etc

June 15, 2016

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has written this post on Facebook addressed to leaders.
Dear my fellow leaders,
You know very well that we were elected by our people to lead. We are paid equal salaries. We live in the suburb areas of Nairobi and other towns. Our children go to the same schools. We eat in the same restaurants. We serve in the same committees. We travel abroad for benchmarking and we together have a good time listening to stories of men and women who built their countries with strong values. When we suffer misfortune we contribute to each other regardless of our political parties. We make fun of our political competition especially how we outdid each other over the weekend.

Now that we have elections coming why do we use poor Kenyans to throw stones on our behalf and yet we surround ourselves with bodyguards who even guard our homes at night? Why call for punishment of other tribes when in truth your business partners and acquaintance are from different races and tribes?
I am a fierce critic of CORD leadership but criticisms of once leadership performance must not be generalized to the extent of abusing his or her tribe. Uhuru is the President, Kikuyus are not. Raila is the CORD leader, Luos are not.
My message to Kuria, Muthama, Ngunjiri, Junet, Aisha, Waititu, Bosire and other leaders is that freedom of expression & speech just like freedom of demonstration are permitted by our Constitution but freedom comes with responsibility.
Above all its upon you Kenyans to decide the leaders and the leadership you want. If you reward hatred and violence, then that’s the leadership you deserve.
I reiterate what I said in Nakuru, there is no politician worth dying for. We change alliances and political affiliations and we find ourselves in different camps at any given time. Don’t forget that four years ago Uhuru and Kalonzo were on one side and Raila and Ruto the other.
All these fights are meant to hoodwink you Kenyans and deny you the sober environment to hold us accountable for what we have or have not done for you.
The choice is yours. As for me and my house I choose peace.

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