Here’s What Babu Owino’s SONU Rival Mike Jacobs Has Been Upto After Expulsion

June 7, 2016

JACOBExpelled University of Nairobi SONU 2016 aspirant, Mike Jacobs Odhiambo, has put his recent troubles with the institution behind him and is now focussing on business.
Mike Jacobs was expelled from University of Nairobi in April 22, 2016 for leading students’ protests that lasted three days following fraudulent SONU election.
In May, he went to the High Court to challenge UoN’s decision to suspend him alongside seven other students from the institution.
The matter is still in court.
“I am currently doing business in Westlands and other places. Into the future, I intend to venture into politics. 2017 is quite immediate; but in 2022, be sure to see me on the ballot papers for Gem parliamentary seat; not an MCA, that is such a low position for my status,” he said.
“My mind is out of school already. After I would have accumulated enough money to help me with my political ambition, I will be home and dry.”
“Nonetheless, if University of Nairobi reinstates me, I will go back and complete my degree – I was a semester away from completing my education,” he added.
On whether he regrets his actions while he was a UoN student, he said, “I don’t have any regrets for leading students’ protest. I have never met Babu Owino because I am busy with my businesses. But if I were to meet him, I’ll tell Babu to engage in things that are productive within his age.”
Mike Jacobs was a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology student.
He owns a general supplies company which he started in 2014 and a clothing company that makes tailor made suits for gentlemen.

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