2007/08 I Was a Form 3 Student Turned Militia. I Now Shudder When Politicians Call For Violence

June 13, 2016

“This photo reminds me of 2007/08 when me and my family (and other families) were forced to flee North Rift. I travelled all the way to Nairobi a distance of 250Kilometers standing (sema kushika chuma) because I could not find a seat in a crowded Eldoret Express Bus.
Then I was a form 3 student turned militia because we had to defend the only place we called home at all costs…to-date, I remember the pain and suffering; the heartbreaks and hunger.
Safaricom Bamba 100 airtime was being sold for Ksh500. When we got to Nakuru, instead of hawkers running towards the buses to sell us stuff, they all run away coz they feared we would rob their stuff and eat it coz of hunger.
In war, you all become broke because you have to leave everything behind and flee. That whole experience made me know just how important PEACE is. Without peace, we’re all doomed.
When we go to war, we all lose. So when I hear some of our politicians beating the drums of violence, I shudder. If it’s fighting, I am ready to go to the battlefield…but what shall I gain when my Luo friends die? I will remain poor and the politicians will continue to enjoy the trappings of power. Arrrgh.”(sic)
By James Keru

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