Wacha Kiherehere!! Social Media Users Attack Willy Paul for Buying his Mom an iPhone

May 24, 2016

Gospel singer Willy Paul has once again attracted the wrath of angry social media users, this time for doing something special for his mother.
On Monday, the ‘Take it Slow’ singer took to his Facebook page to post a message for his mother, which was accompanied with a pricey gift in the form of an iPhone 6.
“Mum, I know much has been said, much has happened.. But ur still my mum and I’m still your son.. And it will remain that way forever.. I was roaming around Dallas Texas Mall, and I saw this iPhone 6 and it caught my attention.. And so this one is for you mum.. Pokea hii kidogo.. Mungu akiongeza ata iPhone 15 nitakupa.. I love you mum.. Hope unajua kuitumia..,” He wrote.
However, as sweet as Willy Paul’s gesture was, some fans believed that he was just showing off. Others advised him to take his mother out of Mathare slums first.
Here are some reactions:
Faith Nkestsiy Jemimah: Nonsense way do you show off #_luo with showing off that is should be secret of you and your mumy,,nggar you got a lot to change brother ,,I will keep preaching until you change it”
Princess Laurah D’Shaz u shld have taken her there and choose for herslf wateva she wants,gv mum opportunity to tour wth u..I thnk twil b much appreciated thn “iphone gft”.All the same uv done ua best n its a pleasure.”
Dede Junior Willy Paul…. One thing bro just know that nobody is perfect, you showing your love to your mum is not a sign of show off but a sign of love to the woman who raised you and has always been there for you. Big ups bro and say hi to mum”
Moseh Drumist Entertainer willypaulmsafi My Brother.. The only way you can appreciate your mum is by being there for her.. It’s never about materialistic things.. I lost my Mum at 12years. But I came across to understand it’s never about material things but inner spiritual appreciation”
Joy Hills Wamuyu: You could have gone there with her like Diamond platnumz…….wacha kiherehere .I also bought my mum a Nokia 3310 nasikusumbua watu”
Lucindah Nyambu “I like u but this is show off, can’t u just call her n tell her that? Why should we be involved? #tenda wema nenda zako”
Milton Mutai I don’t see anything bad for Willy buying a gift to his mum…but making it public everyone to knw that Willy amenunulia his mum iPhone 6, hiyo ni kujisifu n showoff”
Rodah Nyanya “I hope u know how to use it “willy madharau utaacha omoisioyo! Nkt! Jst an iPhone 6 for a woman who suffered to make uji kwa kutumia mkebe wakuokotwa, go ask ua mum what she went through to raise u after ua father threw her out of the house, ur an idiot showing off to the world what you can afford to give ua mum kwanza kimadharau, bosa kabisa ekenyamabi eke, nilibuyer my mum Motorola c113 and not even our neighbour is aware of it kwenda huko funda wewe!”
Isaac JaAsego Konguka you giving this to a simple mum is like me giving laptop to a kid without a roof over his head, it wont help. Priority is a roof over their heads”
Kisia Tony Tonardo Mature up kijanaa … So ua mam akitembea na iyo iphone waseme u bought her…dont you think your showing us that u aint mature ka unmbuia fon it shld be u n her sio aty unatangaza…akili yako n ndogo sana”
Lizz Ndunge when giving presents to loved ones especially our parents we dont need advertise…..dd ur mum advertise how ahe brought u up..think na stop ur brag”
Edwardo Mwaniki Mwaneh “First remove her in the slums then you buy her the Iphone. Or you are buying the phone to your other fake mother who stays in Runda?!! Weh mtoe mathare Kwanzaa wacha PR”
George Okello Your Mum still leaves in Mathare,at least you could’ve moved her first,juu boss that Phone if its true you bought her wont last a second there”
Classic Reagan Adalla One thing I have come to realize is that most of haters on, this page r lazy people who have nothing to show hence they r bitter with life. One advice for you guys; work, hard, show off too alafu upate haters that’s is when u will no that haters make u more famous n rich”
Rafif Nyanchama willy for once umekubali matha ako…but iphone sahii aki yeye nko sure sio digital sanaaa…yes its a gift but think twice …sa unataka matha ako afanyie nini na iphone surely just buy a simple phone….you know our mathaz hutaka tu simu ya kuongea thats all.plz hizo doo za iphone zimetosha wewe kumbuyia ngombe mbili hapo ashinde kuziona na zitampea tungombee kadhaa…iphone haitaleta kaiphone kengine???nimeenda”

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