The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Monday May 5)

May 16, 2016

Here are some of the stories making global headlines today.
VIDEO: Here’s That Kikuyu Scene In The Latest Star Wars, The Force Awakens

Son of Malindi Tycoon Builds 48 Bedroom House for His Father’s Widows

FULL LIST: 368 Bottled Water Brands Suspended by KEBS Over Poor Quality

Spanish GP: Teenager Max Verstappen wins

5 dead in ISIS attack on Baghdad gas plant

Meet Donald Trump’s Chinese fans

Red Hot Chili Peppers singer hospitalized, concert canceled

World leaders scale back rhetoric on Trump

‘Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington on falling in love

Mark Cuban: It would have been ‘fun,’ but it’s too late to run against Donald Trump

Mystery as Airbus A380 lands with square tire

How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reinvented the Washington Post, the 140-year old newspaper he bought for $250 million

America’s former top spy is worried about Donald Trump

Larry Ellison explains why life isn’t about money: ‘At some point, you can’t spend all of it. Trust me, I’ve tried’

18 TV shows that were just canceled

Here are the biggest reasons why Google refuses to hide web pages under the ‘right to be forgotten’

Earth just recorded its warmest April on record, and it wasn’t even close

Unlucky woman’s GPS led her straight into a lake

Students create a drone that can perch on the ceiling like a spider

Boy makes puppy watch Youtube tutorials in lieu of obedience school

Bromance nightmare: Vladimir Putin kisses Donald Trump on the lips in mural

Court gets cut short after smelly weed found in man’s underwear

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg speaks on husband’s death in powerful commencement speech

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