Tables Turned: Sonko Almost Gets Beaten by Mob (VIDEO)

May 16, 2016

sonkoNairobi Senator Mike Sonko sends shivers through the spines of rogue employers or ‘big people’ anytime he comes calling.
Accompanied by scary bodyguards and a crowd of idle youth waiting for his command, he is not a guest you would want at your premises.
However, tables were turned last week when he stormed Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company headquarters in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. He made his way to Eng Phillip Gichuki’s office – the Managing Director. Reportedly, he had gone to talk to him about water contaminated with sewage in Eastlands.
“The senator was questioning the MD why he was not picking his calls despite his repeated attempts to talk to him on phone,” said a witness in the mid-morning incident.
One of Sonko’s bodyguards stopped an employee from accessing the MD’s office, and that was when trouble began.
Apparently, the MD is a darling of the employees, who refer to him as Baba. Word quickly spread and soon all employees were demanding that Sonko leaves the premises.
Some employees reportedly deflated the tires of Sonko’s car, while others threatened to poop on it. Police had to be called in to cool down tempers, as Sonko downplayed his reason for the visit.
The crowd however refused to let him off the hook until he apologized to the MD and called him ‘Baba’.
Here’s a clip.
(Additional reporting by Nairobi News)

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