POLL: Should Joseph Nkaisserry Go Home?

May 24, 2016

nkaWhen Joseph Nkaisserry replaced ole Lenku as the country’s Security Cabinet Secretary, it was seen as big win for Kenya in the fight against terrorism.
The constant explosions in the city have reduced greatly, and we can say that he has been much more successful than his predecessor.
However, with the same force Nkaisserry has dealt with the Al Shabaab, he has been dealing with the Cord demos. Just as the saying goes, Nkaisserry has refused to learn anything new. He thinks the same force he used to fight the Al Shabaab will work everywhere every time.
After last week’s beating of Manono, we thought the outcry would convince him to slow down, but what does he do? He increases the intensity.
A reported 3 people were shot in Kisumu yesterday, with one succumbing to the injuries. Years of the US fighting terrorism have taught us that you kill one man, 2 more will sprout up and join the fight.
Some of those in the demonstrations may not have peaceful intentions, but in the same breath we can now say neither do the police.
Nkaisserry has taken a very hard-line position in recent days, even stating that the police will ‘train’ with the demonstrators.
Those actions will continue to brew tribal enmity in the short term and in the long term.
With violence in 2017 looking more likely as the days progress, it will be very disappointing when we look back and say the police led us there… Nkaisserry led us there.
On the basis of these demos alone, should Nkaisserry go home?

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