POLL: Should IEBC Commissioners Resign or Wait To Be Removed?

May 18, 2016

iebccA lot of people have called on Cord to use proper constitutional means to remove IEBC from office. They have refused to go through parliament for various reasons, chief being there’s more political mileage to be gained on the street.
There’s also a perception among many Kenyans that the President can pick up the phone and tell Issack Hassan to go home.
Even if Jubilee joins the call for IEBC to be disbanded, the constitutional procedure will still be followed.
It is an open secret that they will indeed go home very soon. But they can spare the country a lot of time by voluntarily resigning. They lost the remaining public confidence when they ate the chicken.
There’s already talk of MPs postponing the election date from August to December 2017 or March 2018, because a new IEBC will not be ready. If we have new commissioners in place soon, there would be no need for MPs to carry on this selfish move.
What do you think. Should Issack Hassan and his team go home voluntarily?

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