Poll Results: Raila’s Windscreen Was Cracked by a Stone Not Bullet

May 18, 2016

Yesterday, we posed the question: ‘What Cracked Raila’s Windscreen.. Bullet or Stone?
More than 300 votes later, majority feel strongly that it was not a bullet.

While the bullet narrative fitted perfectly in Cord’s agenda, it is not very good for the stability of the country. Case in point, youths in Kibera almost uprooted the railway at night because of the ‘assassination attempt’.
The diameters of the small dent and cracks was too wide to be logically caused by a bullet, whether the glass was strengthened or not. A stone or blunt object like a tear gas canister is more likely.
It’s unfortunate that all the newspaper ran with the story on the front page, ignoring the police brutality and everything else.
After they are done inciting the public, they will then commence with peace messages.

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