Suspect Arrested in Chuka Hospital Ksh 4 Million Anaesthesia Machine Theft Case

May 13, 2016

AnesthesiaTwo weeks after a Ksh 4 Million anaesthesia machine was stolen from Chuka County Referral Hospital in Tharaka-Nithi County, the machine has been recovered and a suspect arrested.
The machine was found in Mwiki, Nairobi on Tuesday. A suspect who works as a surgical health officer was also arrested in connection with the recovery and was expected to be arraigned in court Thursday.
Governor Samuel Ragwa said the machine would be returned back to the hospital on Thursday.
He added that detectives were looking for more suspects since the robbery could hardly have been executed by one person.
Here is a photo of the arrested suspect:
thiefIt is alleged that Charles Oyalo, CEO Chuka District Hospital, was behind the robbery and had hired two young men in Chuka Town to take the machine to his car on the night of the incident. The plan allegedly came to light after one of the hired men realised that the CEO had short-changed them by only paying them Sh3000 yet the equipment was worth millions.
The machine was reportedly to be sold to a doctor who owns a clinic in Komarock, Nairobi.
Last week two watchmen working in the hospital were arraigned in court in connection with the theft.

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