Peaceful Protest? – Anti-IEBC Goons Caught Mugging Bystander Outside Moi Avenue Primary (PHOTOS)

May 17, 2016

cordAs much as we agree that protesting is a constitutional right, we all know what happens during the demos.
In civilized countries, the much protesters do is disrupt traffic. Here in Kenya however, every last shop has to be closed down failure to which you’ll be left counting your loses.
Promises of peaceful demos are made, but yet stones somehow find their way to the CBD.
Every straight thinking person knows Raila’s IEBC protests are nothing but a selfish endeavor. For a man who has tried to be President thrice, there looks to be less hope this time than his previous two trials.
The tyranny of numbers dynamics have not changed, and the likelihood of Kalonzo playing second fiddle again is small.
So why disturb the country’s peace?
No one believes IEBC is clean. Most Kenyans would rather have them go.
But if 2007 taught us anything, it’s that our country’s politics are very fragile. With millions of idle youths all over, causing chaos requires just a bit of money or incitement or both.
Surely, if Raila loves this country as he says does, he should be able to put his selfish interest aside and seek better/constitutional ways of removing the commissioners from office.
Frankly speaking, there’s no way you’ll round up youths from Kibera and other city slums, bring them to the CBD and expect them to march peacefully. I dare say their brains are not wired that way. We’ve seen it a million times after Gor Mahia games, we’ve seen it a million times after some slight provocation.
National politics being naturally more heated, Gor Mahia riots or UoN demos are made to look like child’s play.
The argument put forward is that police teargassed a peaceful demo, etc.
While it’s true the police use unnecessary and excessive force on many occasions, particularly yesterday, let’s not kid ourselves that there’s anything peaceful in Cord demos. They may give the illusion of peace for a brief few minutes, but at no time will it ever end without them throwing the stones they came all the way with. Others have little interest in the politics, but join the carnival with a different agenda.
A good example is this bunch of goons who were caught on camera yesterday mugging a bystander during the demos. This was just outside Moi Avenue Primary, in full view of the public. As the victim, there’s really not much you can do once six hungry men protected by huge mob descends on you.

Goons rob a bystander outside Moi Avenue Primary School

Members of the public assist the man (Photos – Nairobi News)

If the demos are meant to be as peaceful as claimed, there should be no reason why the politicians park their cars just nearby.
We’ve already lost a few regional deals partly because of Al Shabaab insecurity and our instability. Our economic growth has never reached the highs of 2007 (pre-election). Our tourist numbers the same. Perceptions on political instability still prevent some multinationals from investing here.
In short, we’ve never fully recovered from the 2007/08 chaos.
If this country goes through the same experience again, we may never get ourselves out.
It is okay to be passionate about politics and to take sides, but the moment you stop thinking for yourself, or looking at the bigger picture, or making certain sacrifices for the good of the nation, that’s the moment we start going in the wrong direction.
A lot of today’s freedoms were fought for this way and perhaps we can say Raila knows no other way, but the country changed in 2007. A small slip and the damage may be permanent.

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