Migingo Named World’s 2nd Most Congested Island (Full List)

May 26, 2016

UK newspaper Daily Mail and Weather.com have published a list of the most congested islands in the world. To no one’s surprise, our own Migingo Island makes the list.
Updated figures state about 200 people live in the disputed half acre island, making the population density approximately 250,000 per square mile.
Only Santa Cruz del Islote Island in Colombia has a higher population density than Migingo.
Here’s the list of the most congested islands in the world.

1. Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia

Population – 1200
Population Density – 300,000 per square mile

2. Migingo Island, Kenya

Population – 100 – 200
Population Density – 250,000 per square mile

3. Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

Population – 87,000
Population Density – 174,000

4. Ebeye Island, Marshall Islands

Population – 15,000
Population Density – 150,000 per square mile

5. Manhattan, USA

Population – 1.626 million
Population Density – 70,700 per square mile

6. Malé, The Maldives

Population – 133,000
Population Density – 66,000 per square mile

7. Lubeck, Germany

Population – Unclear
Population Density – Unclear
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8. Venice, Italy 

Population – 270,000
Population Density – 50,000 per square mile

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