Comedian YY Calls It Quits on Churchill Show. Here’s Why

May 27, 2016

YYComedian YY has quit top comedy TV program, Churchill Show.
The popular comedian left his fans in shock with the unexpected announcement on his official Facebook page. He revealed that his next performance would be his last as he moves to greater things.
The comedian pointed out that his talent is too strong to kill.
“It was nice being on Churchill Show, I loved it and I appreciate it, but I quit. why? my talent is too strong to kill by Computer Desktops, my God is more powerful too…No pleasing Human in good faith ‪#‎God‬‘speed. It will be my last show. #MOVINGUP. ”
The comedian was one of the most promising acts on the show. He is the latest of many comedians who have quit the show to venture on their own.
Here’s how some fans reacted to the news:
Shiro Wa Mungai Kwani kenya leo ni fools day? Bt if its true, all da best bro”
Baum Sande “Mr YY……I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your own dreams don’t let it go. I was big fun of you and still fun because I still watch you on YouTube.”
Basil Rotah YY is just tired of helping someone to make millions yet he can and has the potential of making the millions by himself”
Suleka Halima Don’t do this to me yy plz,I’m your biggest fun.oh no”
John Ochol Yy,I adore nd love your shows,u alwys made my day to be a supper bright sunday,u quitting the comedy means I will miss your show seriously,anyway I agree with you,what God can do no man can do.I assure u that,the talent will alway remains in u.hv a bright day.”
Freddy Aleper Omera be Serious…which means I won’t be watching you perform on Churchill show OK but if that’s the case then hakuna haja ya kuona Churchill tena cause Hata Sikuizi Adverts ni mingi kuliko Comedians. Good Luck bro Always your big Fan of You”
Auncle Felix Something is not adding up, YY….? Whats up nigga?”
Enosh Bones Hunter I know you are great. You always made me laugh. We know Churchill would love to enjoy monopoly and would never help others up the ladder. However, the few who leave, always grow and flourish. The untold stories are already told through the exodus of better talent like yours from the Churchill show! All the best”

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