kalonzoFollowing the Cord demos, an old ‘tweet’ belonging to former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has surfaced.
In it, Kalonzo says, “The Prime Minister thrives where there is chaos, violence & confusion”.
It was apparently written on 23rd May 2011.
However, a quick look reveals the tweet is not genuine.
There are numerous online applications that you can use to fake a tweet, and this is a clear example.
Most of these applications have not been able to copy the blue badge. Kalonzo is verified and if indeed this was a true tweet, the blue badge should be visible.
Second pointer; The pictures of the ‘retweeters’ show white people. These applications use stock photos for the retweeters, and hence a black face is not common. Kalonzo is a Kenyan politician and we would expect more blacks to retweet him.
Third pointer: The date is conveniently May 23rd 2011. The guy who made this on Monday morning only bothered to change the year on the default settings.
Fourth pointer: The tweet does not show up on either a Twitter search or a Google search.
We’ll be seeing more of these as the elections approach. Both sides will have dedicated teams to spread propaganda or have enthusiastic followers do it for free.