Caroline Mutoko Recounts The Day She ‘Harrassed’ Carol Radull Into Hosting Saturday’s Sports Show 10 Years Ago

May 30, 2016

Carol Radull is one of most popular sports presenters on radio. This weekend, The Score marked 10 years since it went on air.
The hosts, Carol Radull, Roy Karuhize and Kieni Githinji shared a cake and thanked their listeners on the day Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid for their 11th Champions League cup.
As Caroline Mutoko revealed on Facebook, Carol Radull was not exactly enthusiastic about taking up the job. It took a very insistent Mutoko to convince her.
This is what she posted on Facebook.

Hi Carol Radull 🙂 …
It’s been ten years since that day we went to Hidden Agenda at the Sarit, I bought you lunch and I insisted you take over the Saturday Sports show. (I hear you call it harassment – hahaha) Today, as #TheScoreke marks ten years, allow me to tell your army of fans, your two noisy co-hosts your husband and friends the story.
Good people – at lunch that day, Radull was nervous, hesitant, infact downright uncomfortable – She didn’t believe she had what it took to replace Maina Kageni on the show. Yes – it used to be Maina’s show. She ate her chicken and rice and put her hands on her lap defensively. She didn’t want to even consider the idea. I pressed on. She caved in – she said she would try… she did more than that. The result is our celebration today.
My gut is seldom wrong. She didn’t just have the skill, sports knowledge and passion but Carol’s biggest forte is her commitment. She will not take on anything she will not commit to and once she’s on – she’s on. And so began a Kenyan tradition of a non-traditional Saturday Sports show anchored by a girl who knew her football and sport with un-nerving depth and clarity.
Carol has given up her Saturday afternoons for 10 years to ensure you get your sport/football fix. Carol has given local football a heart-beat when it was in ICU. I still can’t believe the woman had me going to football games in 2008, 2009. Eish – Nyako!! Let’s do it again soon. Don’t bring Roy!!
Carol Congratulations. But allow me to celebrate you and embarrass you in the same breath.
You have the drive of a champion, the mind of a scientist and the heart of a child. I can never tell my story without telling yours. How? The Big Breakfast. Two elections. Two referendums. the Caravan of Hope as Kenya bled and burnt in 2008, 24Hours for Kenya, Kenyans For Kenya, the damn Victorian Wedding – the whole lot. This job, this career would have been dull without you.
People think you’re just about Arsenal – how wrong, how totally wrong they are. You are structured, you have boundaries and rules and delivery is all you care about and I get you. We are Cholerics you and I – we live for excellence or nothing. We piss off people, they find us too demanding, but we know what we know and we know what we want and we get it. (Woooiii Roy :-))
Congratulations for making Saturday afternoon a sports tradition in Kenya. Well done for ten years of mad passion for sport. Thank you for going beyond the stipulated work hours and making football and sport important. For dragging us all to games we would never have gone to (poor Mike) and giving local football a new feel – a chance.
When the story of Kenyan sport is told and told properly, your voice and your part in the journey to where we are today – good or bad – cannot be denied. It must be acknowledged. Here’s to you my friend. Here’s to you.
Ugh? What’s that? Roy, Kieni and Shaffie? No my dear – you celebrate them. My job is to try and not fire them 🙂 and they should be happy with that.
Incidentally – I’ve just approved the BambaSport ads to run from Monday. Today’s celebration leads into another chapter in the story of Sport in Kenya – spearheaded by you. You go! Well done Carol and thank you letting me harass you into the job ten years. I was right – I’m always right 🙂
Now please. Enjoy the Cake, enjoy the Champagne and don’t cry – Roy will have a field-day.
Congratulations on ten awesome, game-changing years. Thank you for giving up your Saturdays for us, for the listeners, for the fans, for the game.
With all my love and support – always.
Caroline Mutoko

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