Anne Kiguta on her Biggest Challenge and First Reaction on Realising she was Pregnant

May 9, 2016

anne2Citizen TV news anchor Anne Kiguta is Drum Magazine’s cover girl May 2016 issue. She spoke candidly to the publication about her life, including her biggest challenge and her first reaction on realising that she was pregnant for a second time.
According to the screen siren, her biggest challenge has been forgiving those who have wronged her.
“I think forgiveness has always been a big challenge. It’s looking at what a person has done, facing the full wrath of the pain and then choosing to say ‘I forgive that. I’m done with that, I will move past this and not build a temple to my pain and I won’t hold it against you.’ That’s tough to genuinely do,” she said.
She added, “I’m currently having to forgive a few people for things I know they probably will never apologise for, leave alone stop doing.”
On her first reaction when she found she was expectant, Ms. Kiguta told Drum,“It was ‘huh?’ Then I laughed and cried all at once. It was completely overwhelming. Nothing really describes the feeling that comes over you when you find out you have one of the greatest miracles happening inside you. I still feel that way sometimes… It’s still overwhelming that God has designed me as a bridge between worlds.”

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