1 Million Rides, 1000 Drivers… Uber Releases Its Kenyan Stats

May 12, 2016

uber kenyaIt has been a good 15 months for US taxi hailing startup Uber here in Kenya.
Uber started operations in Kenya last year and despite the numerous negative news, it has recorded some remarkable growth.
The taxi service has facilitated more than 1 million rides in 15 months, and is currently moving over 100,000 people a month.
More than 70 nationalities have been moved.
The longest Uber ride within this period lasted more than 3 hours, over a distance of 300 km.
The average ride however is just 4 minutes.
Uber is currently in Nairobi and Mombasa, but hopes to be in every town by next year.
More than 1000 car owners have signed up as either full time or part time Uber drivers, perhaps explaining why other taxi owners felt threatened.
Their pricing model is Sh60 per kilometre, Sh4 per minute and a base fare of Sh100 per ride. Uber keeps 20% and pays the driver the rest.
Alon Lits, Uber General Manager for sub-Saharan Africa, recently told the press that accepting cash payment was the biggest turning point in Kenya. He said it doubled their business.
Currently, most rides are paid in cash followed by MPesa.
Mr. Alon further stated that Kenya is one of their fastest growing markets in Africa, and will be the East African hub as they expand into Tanzania and Uganda this year. Ghana is the third country in their immediate expansion plans in Africa.

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