WATCH: This Kenyan Thriller Based on Postpartum Depression will Give you the Creeps (TRAILER)

April 22, 2016

postpartumPostpartum depression, also known as postnatal depression is a type of depression that many parents experience after having a baby. It is a common problem that affects 1 in every 7 mothers.
A conversation about the clinical depression has surfaced within the Kenyan circle. Earlier this week, Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua hosted a discussion on Monday Special about Kenyans suffering from postpartum depression.
On that note, film-making company MoonBeam Productions Limited is taking the conversation a notch higher with a film based on postpartum depression.
A trailer of the upcoming film has been released by MoonBeam director, Eve D’Souza, and it is as frightening as it gets.
Eve D’Souza said,
“Here’s a clip of a new film we at MoonBeam Kenya are passionate about producing, based on Postpartum Depression. So very proud of my partner, Lucy Mwangi, who bravely shared her story on Monday special with Janet Mbugua Ndichu Lucy’s experience and that of so many women who have unknowingly lived with postnatal depression, inspired this project. 1 in 7 Mothers will go through postpartum depression and this film will delve into the unseen world of their deep anxiety, confusion, depression and rage. As a mother, husband or friend, it will serve as great insight. Special thanks Kibanda Pictures”
Check it out below:
Eve D’Souza | Facebook

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