SHOCKING: Kenya Power Employees Working on a Transmission Line Get Electrocuted (RAW VIDEO)

April 5, 2016

nakuruA shocking and heartrending video of two Kenya Power technicians getting electrocuted while working on a transmission line has left many social users horrified.
The incident happened on Sunday in Nakuru when the technicians were attending to a transmission line next to Ashok Leyland.
The horrifying video shows the two men suspended on the poles, when one gets in contact with the live wires sparking fire at the scene. The deadly scene attracts screams from shocked onlookers who can be heard in the video.
After the horrific incident, the two Kenya Power employees were rescued and rushed to hospital.
The electricity company indicted that the two were in stable condition and communicating.
“It was not fatal as reported in social media platforms. We are conducting thorough investigations to find the cause of the unfortunate incident and enhance safety measures to prevent such occurrences in future,” Kenya Power General Manager for Network Management, Daniel Tare stated.
Below is the video. Viewer discretion is advised!!

A video of the rescue operation has also been released. Check it out

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