SHOCKING!! Bosses Brutally Beat and Burn Employee for Allegedly Stealing Aluminium Coil Worth Millions (VIDEO)

April 13, 2016

njorogeA truck driver was subjected to inhumane brutality by his bosses in a Mombasa based transport company.
38-year old Isaac Njoroge was tortured by his managers after he was accused of stealing aluminium coil worth millions of shillings two months ago. Mr. Njoroge was tied to a tyre and set on fire while other workers watched.
Mr. Njoroge told the Daily Nation that he would have succumbed to the fire if some of the workers had not stepped in and saved him.
“After being tied to the tyre, one of the men poured thinner (a highly flammable solvent) on my back and lit the fire,” the Daily Nation quotes Njoroge.
Mr. Njoroge was reportedly beaten and part of his body burnt as his managers at PN Mashru supervised the brutal act at the company premises at Jomvu.
The managers are said to have taken him to a police station instead of a hospital after he sustained the burns. He was later charged with stealing the goods and released on a Sh100,000 bond. Njoroge said that he had reported the torture at Mariakani police station two months ago but the police are yet to act.
Here is a video courtesy of Daily Nation:

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