Robert Alai: Kalonzo and Wetangula are Jokers.. Raila will Not Endorse Either

April 14, 2016

cordCord is in disarray. Reports of an MOU between Raila and Kalonzo are threatening to split a coalition that is expected to mount a serious challenge in the next general election.
Apparently, Raila had promised to be a one term President with Kalonzo completing the second term (seems someone learnt well from Kibaki).
Anyway, the blame game continues. This is what Robert Alai said on Facebook this week.


Kalonzo was given more than 175 Okoa Kenya booklets. His party only returned 28 books with a quarter of the required signatures. ODM as a party funds all CORD’s activities and even Wiper and Ford-Kenya.
People need to earn their keep. We have put up with the nonsense. ODM has more voters and MPs in Western Kenya than Ford Kenya. How can we take Wetangula seriously?
Now that ODM has been allocated 4 EALA seats slots, Kalonzo and Wetangula wants 1 each from the ODM allocation. These two chihuahuas should earn their keep or stay away.

Let’s get serious. Raila will compete as ODM flag bearer and will not endorse someone. Be assured of that.

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