POLL: CID Man Accused of Waiguru Cover-up Promoted.. Is Uhuru Willing To Fight Corruption?

April 20, 2016

waigEvery time the President picks the mic, he talks tough on corruption, and every time he drops it, we have another scandal.
It appears he has reconciled himself to the idea of his legacy being mega-corruption, that he now doesn’t care.
Waiguru’s corruption at the NYS is still fresh in our memory. Mr. Joseph Mugwanja,  a top detective who was accused of orchestrating the cover-up has just landed a ‘promotion’.
Previously the head of the Banking Fraud Investigations Unit (BFIU), he has been appointed Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss at the Kenya Airports Police Unit (KAPU) based at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
His role will be among others protecting aviation installations in the country and intercepting drugs and contraband.
His new job is presumed plummer than analyzing bank records.
Mr. Mugwanja is not the first official accused of corruption to be given a job by this government, and by the look of things, he’ll not be the last.
Perhaps President Uhuru should just stop talking about fighting the vice altogether. That way he’ll not be accused of deceiving us.
What do you think. Is the Jubilee government serious about fighting corruption?

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