POLL: Are Kenyan Politicians Obsessed with The Red Carpet?

April 22, 2016

I’ve never understood Kenyan leaders’ obsession with the red carpet. It must be rolled out for anyone with some authority.
In most cases, it makes zero sense, like this time it was laid out for Waiguru as she planted a tree.
In Waiguru’s case, it even doesn’t look like a real red carpet. The edges are rough and it is clearly up for replacement. Other than that, it was totally unnecessary in this instance.
As it was at these other times.
Mandera could not even get a red carpets with a uniform shade of red, yet the governor insisted he steps on it while inspecting the ‘guard of honor’? Really?
I’m struggling to understand whether the county askaris went into formation first then the carpet was laid around them, or it was the other way round.
When Obama arrived at JKIA, he walked on tarmac towards his car. If the Secret Service were not running things, I’m sure Kenyan protocol chiefs would have laid out their longest and newest carpet for him.
What do you think?

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