IMPUNITY? Nakuru County Governor Pictured Riding on Boda Boda Without Helmet

April 19, 2016

It is either some Kenyans just cannot stop themselves from flouting simple traffic rules or they just don’t give a damn about their lives. As much as authorities continue to insist that boda boda operators must provide helmets for their customers, very few comply. This is despite the fact that helmets come in quite handy in case of an accident.
A picture doing rounds however shows Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua enjoying a boda boda ride without a helmet. Worse still, the boda boda operator is not wearing the protective gear either.
Makes you wonder what kind of example the governor is setting.
nakuru gov.
Here are some more leaders who have been pictured flouting the rule:
Isaac Ruto:
James Orengo:

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