Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari Split Takes New Twist as Screen Siren is Linked to Politician

April 19, 2016

bet3The unending saga revolving around Betty Kyallo’s split from her husband Dennis Okari has taken a fresh new twist, even after the KTN news anchor spoke up for the first time last week.
New information has hit the rumour mill alleging that an anonymous politician is smack in the middle of the break up. According to a confidential source of The Star, the politician partly financed the couple’s one-month long honeymoon to Dubai, but Dennis was kept in the dark from all the details.
The source added that even though Dennis Okari was suspecting that something was not adding up, he chose to keep quiet and leave it as it is.
The suspicion between the couple grew when she returned home one evening in late February riding a brand new Toyota Prado VX, The Star reports. Again, it’s been alleged that the SUV was a gift from “the politician”.
Dennis allegedly questioned Betty over the huge sums of money to acquire the new ride, but the screen siren could not disclose the source of her expensive gift, and that’s when all hell broke loose.
Commenting on these claims, Betty told Word Is“I really don’t want to talk about this now. It’s really a hard time for me. But I can say that everything that I own, I bought it myself. All the cars I have were bought by me. I have no relations with any politicians. The reasons to our split were based purely on marital differences.”
Asked to shed more light on the marital differences, she responded, “No I can’t tell you that. Like I’ve told you, I don’t want to talk about this at this time.”
Source: Word Is/The Star

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