ALARMING!! Consumer Blasts ‘Supa Loaf’ After Finding Sisal String Baked into Loaf (PHOTOS)

April 19, 2016

Supa-loaf-630x315A social media user has taken to Facebook to highlight an alarming issue with bread brand Supa Loaf. According to the bread consumer, a loaf of bread she bought on Monday morning had a sisal string baked into it, rendering the loaf inedible.
She adds that this is the second time it has happened to her. The first time, she allegedly found construction material and reported it to Superloaf who responded saying, “we are undergoing renovation.”
Supa Loaf is one of the more popular bread brands in the country manufactured by Mini Bakeries.
This is what she wrote to the Tycoonews facebook page:
“Hello Neel,
Could you please highlight this issue with Supa Loaf ? This is the 2nd time it has happened to me . The first time last year if you remember i found construction material in a loaf of supa bread & as per your advise i sent the receipt and bread to supaloaf who just replied with ” we are undergoing renovation ” Since then i have been avoiding buying Supaloaf but this morning i sent our househelp to buy bread for breakfast. We live on 5th parklands road . The house help came back with a loaf of supa bread from the nearby kiosk & lo and behold as i opened the packet what did i see ! I dont know if im cursed or what ?
The bread has sisal string baked into it as you can see in the pictures im sending you. I hope you can post this so people can be made aware to always check the bread before consuming it. I have packed the bread back and will send it to supa loaf . Lets see what reply they give me this time.
Thanks . P”

Here are the photos:

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