10 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About Singer Linda Muthama

April 18, 2016

lindaShe is best known from the 2006 edition of Tusker Project Fame, where she was among the finalists. Linda Wangeci Muthama was also married as a second wife to ex-comedian cum communication strategist Walter Mong’are aka Nyambane. In 2014 she controversially walked out of her marriage.
Well, she has moved on swiftly and is set to walk the aisle soon. Word on the street has it that she is currently hooked to a foreigner.
“I don’t want to talk of anything about my former marriage or my ex-husband. In fact he doesn’t like being dragged, mentioned or associated with me nowadays. But it’s not going to be long for me to get married. Soon you will all see the person who will be putting a ring on it. But he is not Kenyan,” she told SDE recently.
That aside, she also opened up about 10 things you did not know about her.
Biggest misconception people have about you?
They mostly assume that I am this unapproachable person, a snob. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Best thing about being a mother?
Everything; but the thing that I love most is the fact that my daughter looks exactly like me; she is a minnie me. We often like to dress alike; we have a matching pair of tops and tights.
Saddest day of your life?
The day I lost my younger brother back in high school. Before he died, we were six children and I am the second born.
One thing that will surprise most about you?
I am very spiritual and have a close relationship with God. He is my strength.
Biggest addiction?
Tea. I love a cup of tea no matter the weather, time or day.
Dumbest thing you ever did?
Sometime back while driving, I was caught talking on the phone by a police who was in a car next to mine. When she asked me why I was driving and talking on the phone, I told her that I never expected to be caught by a police in a car (laughs) because they usually stood near the traffic lights!
Hardest decision you ever had to make?
Leaving my daughter at four months to work. At the time, I was teaching music at Premier Academy, and I was faced with the tough decision of how to balance work and being a mother. It was an 8am-5pm job.
Worst grade you ever got in an exam?
I got a D in Mathematics. In high school, my one and only love was music, I would even miss other classes so I could sneak into the music room and do music.
Best thing about being a wife?
The fact that you always have someone rooting for you, your friend who always has your back.
Craziest thing you have ever heard about yourself?
That I am the daughter of Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama.
Your most annoying habit?
I bite my nails, I have tried in the past to stop but I cannot help it.
Your best physical feature?
My eyes, they stand out. Growing up, I used to be told that I have bedroom eyes and back then I never understood what it all meant. I have grown to love my eyes.

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