WATCH: Rare Natural Phenomenon Causes Panic as Kenyans Claim to Have Seen Jesus (VIDEO)

March 24, 2016

fire rainbowThere was a wild and rapturous euphoria in an unidentified part of this country after locals witnessed what they believed to be the second coming of Christ.
From a video that was shared on social media, locals are heard screaming and making all sorts of noises at the sight of what is loosely referred to as a ‘fire rainbow.’
The guy taking the video in particular is heard repeating, ‘This is the presence of the Lord.’ 
Not to burst his bubble but a ‘fire rainbow’ is fairly uncommon phenomenon and that explains why he and others might have believed it was the second coming. And you wonder why some of us are so gullible to some pastors and false prophets.
The phenomenon is formally known as cloud iridescence or a circumhorizontal arc, and is created when sunlight passes through tiny ice crystals which scatter the light to form a stunning optical display.
Check it out. If only this guy had a better camera phone. Still breathtaking though.
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