VIDEO: ‘Intoxicated’ Morris Explains Why He Has Returned To The Streets

March 29, 2016

morMorris Mwendwa, the ‘Opportunity boy’ who even met the Chief Justice, is back on the streets.
In a new video that surfaced on social media over Easter, Morris says that he escaped from the home that took him after being thoroughly caned by a caretaker, apparently over a book.
He also rubbished claims that Sonko has been of any assistance.
Looking intoxicated, watch Morris explain to Abdulghani Adam, why he is back on the streets.
Abdulghani Adam | Facebook

Homeless of Nairobi released this statement on Facebook.
“On Thursday night, the boys at our home in Gachie, seeing a long weekend ahead, decided to go on a walkabout. They usually go to places such as Electric Avenue in Westlands where all the nightclubs rage throughout the nights. They wait outside and hope to make money from drunk partygoers. Old habits die hard, as they say. They tend to make a lot of money on some occasions as revelers, often in a good mood, part with cash. One time, one of the boys made seven thousand shillings in a night!
The fact that people give these kids money is detrimental in the long term. It keeps them on the streets longer. They buy drugs and glue with this money. We, as a society, must really think before giving a monetary hand out to these kids. Sometimes you feel guilty and want to give them money but we really hope you see that it’s perpetuating a dangerous lifestyle. If the boys don’t have things such as these to look forward to, they have no reason to run away from our homes.”
They however later confirmed that Morris and the other boys are now back to the home.

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