Everything You Need to Know About Hilarious Comedy Group Propesa

March 29, 2016

propesaHis real name is Kimutai Ruto and in a very short time he has risen to become an internet sensation. Although he says his group is called Propesa, fans have fondly associated the name with him.
Through Facebook, Kimutai shares hilarious sketches which address emerging national issues, from football to politics. You may have watched some of the group’s several clips we have published in the past.
Kimutai spoke to SDE last week on how his journey has been so far and why he thinks he’s still got long way to go.
SDE: Who is Propesa?
Propesa:  Welcome members of the press. Leo tumeita nyinyi watu ya magazeti kuongelea mambo ya Propesa.(We’ve called you the press to talk about Propesa).  Propesa is a comedy group made up of four people Kiptangus, Chemosi, Jopiri (Larry Matayo) and Propesa.
SDE: What schools did you attend?
Propesa: We have attended different village schools somewhere in Mau forest Nakuru county and Bomet County. Chemaner Primary school and Kaporuso Primary school, Boron Secondary school and  Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology
SDE: How was life growing up in the village?.
Propesa : Sasa hii ni maswali gani unauliza. Ukiendelea hivi sioni tukimaliza tukiwa wote pamoja. We stayed in the village for 18yrs bila kukanyaga town. Like my friend Kiptangus here devolution ndio ilimfikisha Molo town.
SDE: Did you ever think you’d do comedy?
P: Comedy has been our thing since we were young. You know in the village when you are funny unachapwa na kuambiwa wacha kiherehere. We released our first recorded piece mid last year. That was a ‘prayer’ for Manchester United and it went viral.
SDE: Lets talk about your impersonations on Governor Isaac Ruto. Why did you choose him?
P: Isaac Ruto is our governor in Bomet county and as we all know hataki upusi na ukichesa mukutano itakwisha! Funny guy and he works hard to make sure devolution works. Akiskia tuko Nairobi saa hii ataita press conference aseme PROPESA IS A DEVOLVED FUNCTION. (If he gets word that we are in Nairobi he’ll call a presser to declare that Propesa is a devolved function)
SDE: Have you ever met him?
P: Yes we have only said hi once in a public function in Bomet town. We chose his character because he is very vocal. Everyone knows Kiplogom as he is known back home. He’s a newsmaker.
SDE:You use a lot Rift valley politics in your satirical comedies, why so?
P: (after laughing) We did something about Anna Waitage and Nduale the other day and they don’t even come from Rift Valley. Anyway we have grown up 99.9% of our lives in Rift Valley.That way it would only make sense if we start from Rift valley. Hatujui mambo ya town.
SDE: Your press conferences are recorded on  mobile Phone, is that right?
P: Yes. Absolutely. We use a phone to pull all that content and Jopiri (Larry Matayo) is the camera guy, doubling up as the director. Chemosi is in the cast and he also doubles up as the producer. Kiptangus handles creativity so well. We work with a small team. Everything is small. Those are the challenges.
SDE: Tells us, are you at point where you can say you found that big break as a comedian?
P:  We have not yet reached where we want to be but our fans know how they brought us this far.
SDE: Harusi ni lini?
P: We are all single and not even searching. Sisi ni vijana wadooogo sana. Mapenzi sio devolved function hata. Tuta o tukishika laini. Wasichana wa kwetu(Kenyan ladies)are  very loyal, naskia watu wa town wanaita wife material lakini hakikisha asikanyage town.
SDE: You did something in Kericho, was it weird back then?
P: (Laughs at a thought) What is weird? We have sold tomatoes in Kericho town. We used to transport them all the way from Mulot to Kericho. Kiptangus has done Mjengo in Keringet. Is that weird?
SDE: I hear you had embarrassing moment a while back
P: Right. (Chuckles) There’s this day a friend invited us to his event. We had prepared to entertain people using Kalenjin language only to get there and 90% of those who attended were from Central Kenya.
Credits: SDE

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