‘Thii Ukiumaga’ – The Dirty Kikuyu Song That Has Everyone Talking (VIDEO)

March 17, 2016

vidFor several weeks it has been a DJs’ favourite in many clubs in Nairobi and Central Province. ‘Thii Ukiumaga’ was released earlier this year by Jose Gatutura, and the title itself has became a common phrase among Kikuyu brethren.
The song talks about this prostitute, Irene, who has no preference. She will take the rich, the poor, the disabled; basically everyone. But she has a particular liking for truck drivers and conductors.
The singer warns her that AIDS is real.
What has really helped the song go viral is the title.
Thii Ukiumaga, or Ukiomaga as it is pronounced, basically translates to Go as you get dry.
At the start of the song, the singer bumps into the prostitute on the road, and after their conversation, he tells her ‘Thii Ukiumaga’.
That means walk as you get dry, obviously from the fluids left behind after servicing a client.
Those who understand Kikuyu will find this interesting.

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