Prophet Owuor Lands in Nigeria, But They’re Not Impressed with His Beard

March 15, 2016

prophet OwuorProphet David Owuor arrived in Nigeria last week, on what was christened a mission to rid the country off gospel of money.
He may be all famous around here, but the Nigerians were not enthusiastic to receieve him. Their country is known for hundreds of questionable pastors, many of them incredibly wealthy with private jets and all.
So, for a weird looking, bearded man from Kenya to land there and tell them they’ve been doing religion wrong, you can imagine the reception would not be rosy, at least online.
Nigeria’s Nation Online, wrote a big headline – I’ve come to demolish money gospel in Nigeria – Kenyan prophet, and that became the subject of a heated debate.
Prophet Owuor was the chief guest preacher at an interdenominational Christian platform, “Repent Now Nigeria,”. Addressing journalists at the airport in Lagos, Owuor said that he had gone there to put an end to the gospel of money.
“Nigeria is a God fearing nation, but now if they are really God-fearing, then this is the moment to return to the true gospel of cross and the blood- the holy salvation and the gospel that is not connected to money- that we may prepare the hearts of the people and the nation for the coming of the Messiah and then everything else will follow.
“The Bible says seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will fall in place. So I really bring the message of holiness of repentance and to prepare for the coming of the King. So the kingdom of the church you see in Nigeria now, the building of universities, the money and private aircraft acquired with big money and all of that is going to come down. That is why I have come. I come with tremendous powers and there is no question about that,” he declared.
On the heavily popular Nairaland forum, the conversation shifted to his overgrown beard.
“Just his beard spoiled everything…. SMH…. Prophet indeed…” wrote @ dmostcheerful
“They was never a time I detest beard, but a clean one will do. Even the Bible itself teaches that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. The damn beard is so filthy, even the angels will run at the site of that.” wrote another contributor.
“I cant get close to that nigga with that amount of ugly beard on his face..totally disgusting and revolting..yuck” Henry Dadon wrote.
“The man alone is weird.” wrote another contributor.
@heMartins wondered, “Why do African prophets keep beards?”
Nijabazaar wrote, “Most think growing heavy lice prone beards qualifies them as prophets….”
Some users said they had no problem with him growing beard, but wondered he doesn’t keep it neat. The word ‘disgusting’ was thrown around a lot.
All in all, many of those commenting agreed with him that Nigeria has a lot of money gospel going around.

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