MIRROR PERFECT! Meet Vera Sidika’s Beautiful Clone – PHOTOS

March 23, 2016

I bet you have ever been stopped by a stranger then to your surprise they called you by a name that is not yours, insisting that they saw you a long time ago. More surprising, they find out that you are not the person they thought you were, you are just a look-alike.
Now, that is what we call a mistaken identity and that is exactly what would happen in case you met this chick whose photos I came across on Facebook as I was busy browsing. She has a light complexion, a well curved and contoured body that are a complete copy-paste of miss Vee’s.
Aye! Guys, Meet Mercy Kaloki, the lass you would easily hit on thinking it is Vera Sidika.
vera Mercy 2
vera Mercy 5
vera Mercy 4
vera Mercy 1
vera Mercy 3

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