Married Woman Left By Husband and on Brink of Losing her Job After Squirting Video Went Viral

March 30, 2016

makauAbout a fortnight ago, a video went viral on the Kenyan interwebs showing sexologist Maurice Matheka Makau teaching a group of women how to achieve a squirting  orgasm.
The sex therapist has now come out to reveal how the video has affected one of his clients. According to Makau, the unidentified woman has since been left by her husband, and her employer is threatening to sack her in the course of this week.
Mr.Makau blames bloggers for making up out of context stories to gain viewership ratings.
He wrote,
“To all my esteemed readers, recent followers and Kenyans on tweeter, I need your help to get this message out there.
As you all know a video of one of my practical sessions was leaked and went viral. What has followed based on the hype has now turned ugly. This morning a former client who only attended one of my talks on social dynamics woke me up with a disheartening revelation. Some bloggers decided to source old photos of my sessions from my face book and wrote stories that are totally out of context. The story which insinuates that she was pimped out by me has caused her husband to leave their home and her employer is threatening to sack her this week.
Let me clarify. This woman attended an interactive talk on social dynamics to better her marriage and now because of some unethical blogger her marriage is on the rocks.
You can attack me and crucify my work but there are lines you should never cross. DO NOT victimize my clients by writing out of context stories to gain viewership ratings.
Those of you stating that I am part of #teammafisi, I have news for you. I am a member of #teammasimba. We still honour the brother code (the men’s code), we do not prey on people’s wives. We do not subscribe to #teammafisi small boy antics.
It would have been far easier to become a gigolo than study sexology for 4 years. So to all those bloggers and writers, if you crave for real facts about my work, do not speculate just call me.
My request, pull down those photos on your blogs and websites that implicate innocent people and concentrate your smearing campaigns solely on me.
Spread this message like wild fire….”

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